Angelo e Simone Zaccarella

Our History

Collection SAFINA' is the result of a partnership between brothers Angelo and Simone Zaccarella who, notwithstanding their young artistic carrier, have acquired over the past twenty years considerable knowledge as to the technique of creation and execution having attended the workshop of their famous father, ceramist Antonio Zaccarella. Travel, the acquaintance of artists from all over the world visiting the workshop, continuous research, are the premises of the artistic works of RAKU ceramic by Angelo and Simone Zaccarella who, to this innate passion, have also added excellent university studies. Angelo Zaccarella holds a degree in Business Administration while Simone Zaccarella a degree from the Fine Arts Academy of Rome. A fine ensemble with particular attention to the contemporary world, commencing with a historic understanding of the territory, settled in ancient times by the Samnites, the dominant trait of this Collection and most of their artistic production as well..